Ways To Style Different Boots in Singapore

Thinking of how to style boots in Singapore? Look no further for inspiration.

Boots are, and have always been, a staple in the world of fashion. They just never grow old or boring. The best part? They can go with every outfit. Whether you are going for goth, street, cottagecore, punk rock or even a work-friendly style to the office, there will always be a pair of boots to complete the outfit. In fact, some of these outfits may not look as perfect as they would, in the absence of boots.

There are many types of boots for different styles and occasions. In this article, we will share six types that are best suited for different fashion styles.

1. Western Boots

Photo Credit: Dolls Kill via FB

If you are into cottagecore, and you often dream of escaping the bustling city life to live in a country side or a cottage on your own, Western Boots are your go-to. Or… If you are interested in trying this style of boots, but don’t exactly know what to wear with it, we’ve got you covered. Check out these outfits below for your inspo.

Coachella vibes? Totally. Styling these boots is actually really simple. Other than a dress or a bohemian inspired two-piece set, you can also wear these boots with denim shorts and denim jeans. Whatever floats your boat, ladies. Fashion and style are anything but fixed.

2. Laced Up & Platformed Boots

Photo Credit: FSJ Shoes

Enhance your outfit with a pair of laced up boots! To add a little more spice, choose a pair with platforms or are high-heeled. Not only can they make you look taller, they also add a splash of boldness and confidence into your walk.

Our opinion? Best paired with black pants for the long legs; pair it with a dress to add a little bit cuteness and tone down the fierceness.

3. Ankle Boots

Photo Credit: The Lace Anchor

Ankle boots are one of the most commonly worn pair of boots due to the insane amount of pairings that go perfectly well with them. How do we put this? They’re like a pair of sneakers that can be worn with any outfit and for any occasion.

The trick to spicing up your outfits with these ankle booties would be their colour. For a more professional or classic style, go for black. For a more casual look, opt for brown. And if you want to add a little class and look a little more sleek, jump right into the white ones. No matter the colour, you can never go wrong with ankle boots.

4. Thigh High Boots

Photo Credit: mybestluck

Looking to elongate your legs? Let’s just stop you right here. Thigh-high boots have had the reputation of giving their wearer the illusion of longer-looking legs. What makes these boots even better is that you can literally wear them with anything and everything. Shorts? Sure. Long pants? No problem. Dresses or oversized sweaters and jumpers? They’ve got your back.

Look this way for your inspo:

5. Combat Boots

Photo Credit: Pinterest

And if you are looking to purchase your first pair of boots, we recommend getting a pair of combat boots. Not only are they extremely versatile, they are usually also one of the most comfortable ones to walk in.

Comfort and versatility are the two most important things to consider when buying a new pair of footwear, so this is really your cue to go for it.

See how we would style combat boots here:

6. Strappy & Chunky Boots

Photo Credit: Shopee

Let’s face it. Every single time we set our eyes upon these babies, many of us are too afraid to wear them out. Or me, at least.

This style of boots just screams power, defiance and boldness. If you love gothic style, you NEED to pair these babies with some fishnet stockings or leather tennis skirt.

We will leave the rest of the outfit for you to decide. Meanwhile, check out two gorgeous outfits that totally complement the boots.

These boots definitely look super cute when paired with fishnet stockings and skirts. Is there a better pair in the world?

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πŸ“Έ Featured Image: The Lace Anchor, Pinterest

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