Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks: Review

Do you switch up your makeup looks according to your mood on that day? If you do, we know the perfect lipstick collections for you to relish in. Milani Cosmetics, a drugstore beauty brand well loved by many, has upped their lipstick game again with Milani Color Fetish Lipsticks: Matte and Shine collections.

Color Fetish Matte Lipsticks (S$19)

Photo Credit: Milani Cosmetics

In their Color Fetish Matte Lipstick range, you can expect six different lipstick shades which include: 410 Pleasure (Peachy Nude), 420 Tease (Beige Nude), 430 Secret (Pink Nude), 440 Passion (Reddish Brown), 450 Desire (Chocolate Brown), and 460 Sensual (Espresso Brown). Depending on your makeup inspo for the day, this collection has definitely got you covered.

This collection is available on the Watsons website for S$18 per lipstick here.

Color Fetish Shine Lipsticks (S$19)

Photo Credit: Temptalia

The Shine series includes an even wider range of colours to choose from, including: 110 Lustful (Peachy Nude), 120 Fantasy (Maroon Red), 130 Lingerie (Medium Pink), 140 Crave (Coral), 150 Roleplay (Orange Red), 160 Voyeur (Bubblegum Pink), 170 Kink (Violet), 180 Seduce (Red), 190 Covet (Strawberry Red), 200 Bitten (Dark Berry), 210 Nylon (Mauve), and lastly, 220 Tied Up (Caramel Brown).

This collection uses an 85% blend of nourishing oils that aim to moisturise the lips and give it a shine, and it also enables the user to apply the product easily.

Also available on the Watsons website for S$18 per lipstick here.


For this article, we’ve gotten 410 Pleasure, 420 Tease and 430 Secret from the matte series, and 110 Lustful, 130 Lingerie, and 140 Crave from the shiny balm series to try out. Check out the swatches below!

Photo Credit: The Female Culture

The shades are as follows (top to bottom): 110 Lustful, 130 Lingerie, 140 Crave, 410 Pleasure, 430 Secret, 420 Tease.

Different Lipstick Tip Shapes

One thing to note is that the tips of the lipsticks are differently shaped; the mattes have a sharp diagonal tip, while the balm-like ones have a flat top that is slightly cut diagonal. In the matter of higher precision, the mattes have the upper hand. Sharper tips are ideal for carving out your perfect lip shape and to really get into the sharp edges, like your cupid’s bow.


For the Shine series, the lipsticks have a very creamy texture when applied and is definitely of medium coverage, giving you a translucent finish. Think of it as a balm, just pigmented with colour. The product glides on very well and is extremely buildable. Again, don’t expect it to have a full coverage though.

On the other hand, the matte series have a soft, velvety finish. Having tried out several matte lipsticks myself, it has been quite a journey to find one that doesn’t necessarily dry out my lips to the point where they look chapped. I quite like the texture it gives my lips.

Although these shades are the lighter shades in both series, I find that they have potential to complement people with both fairer and darker skin tones.

Although not all of the lipstick colours suit me completely, I think that all the lipstick shades, as a whole, are pretty inclusive and gorgeous. If all else fails, I can always use them as my blush.

If you are looking for new makeup (or lipsticks, specifically) that are not hella overpriced, you should definitely check Milani Cosmetics out. Visit their website here.

Disclaimer: The writer received the Milani products mentioned in this article, but this review is not sponsored. Opinions expressed are solely the writer’s and do not necessarily express that of The Female Culture.

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📸Featured Image: Milani Cosmetics, The Female Culture

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