Trying Out Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions’ AHG Treatment: Review

Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is a lifestyle hair salon that provides a wide spectrum of hair services. Among which includes the Advanced Hair Growth (AHG) treatment, a 60-minute full-cycle treatment targeted to restore scalp health by removing destructive enzymes on the scalp that obstructs hair growth.

To celebrate the opening of their latest outlet at Suntec City, a writer from The Female Culture was invited to try out the AHG treatment. This article (not sponsored) would detail the experience of the treatment and her honest review on it.

Undergoing the AHG Treatment

Just like most hair and scalp care solutions provider, the AHG treatment began with a scalp analysis.

I was not sure if it is a mistake, but I washed my hair in the morning before the trial session of the AHG treatment. According to the consultant who did the scalp analysis for me, washing my hair that morning means the results of my scalp health may not that be that accurate since I may have washed away some of the sebum and whatnot. Nonetheless, we proceeded with the analysis and managed to extract some interesting images of my scalp.

As you can see, my pores are congested and are on the oily side.

Even though I had washed my hair that morning (just hours before the trial), it did not make a difference to pores that are already clogged.

After the analysis, the consultant customised the AHG treatment with a focus on tackling my oily scalp.

Detoxing the Scalp

After the analysis, I was given a scalp detox using their ©High Frequency technology. This step is important in killing bacteria by removing impurities that are on the scalp.

It was done on a comb-like device with tiny needles (that don’t hurt at all) that is said to improve blood circulation in the hair and revitalise the scalp. According to Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions, frequent oscillation helps to improve our overall scalp health.

The process was seamless and I honestly enjoyed the process.

Soothing the Scalp

After the detox, I was given the ©Exfo peel cream which was applied to the scalp with a cold sensation.

This step is said to hydrate and purify the scalp.

Among the key ingredients in the cream is chamomile, a herb well known for its anti inflammatory and stress relief properties.

An ampoule catered to my scalp’s condition was then diffused and diluted on my scalp via a nano-air brush. As compared to rubbing it into the scalp the traditional way, the brush allows the scalp to better absorb the tiny particles. Ginseng is used as a key ingredient to strengthen hair follicles and roots. Surprisingly, it smells great and did not give off any “TCM” vibes.

Finally, the staff used bio light on my hair to ensure that my scalp absorbs all products used and allow for them to penetrate the deeper levels of my scalp.

After the AHG Treatment

After the treatment, I went through the scalp analysis process again to see the results of the hair treatment.

Here’s how my scalp looks:

After treatment results at Organic Hair Growth Solutions
Photo Credit: The Female Culture

As you can tell, my pores are now cleaner than ever and my scalp looks fairly clean and white. Much better than before.

See the red spots? The consultant shared that the red spots are normal and would go away after some time. They were there because of the pressure from the scalp message during the treatment.

The Verdict

So how do I find it?

Overall, I find the AHG treatment process great and relaxing. While different staff was assigned to me for each step of the treatment, they were all friendly and made me feel at ease.

The part I enjoyed the most out of the session with Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is honestly the professional blow out I received. As mentioned at the start of the review, Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions is a lifestyle hair salon that provides all kinds of hair services. While I was there for the scalp treatment, I’m glad that I managed to experience the professionalism of their staff and got a nice blow out.

Here is a little selfie (#nofilter) to commemorate this special day (haha) after the wonderful session:

After the treatment at organic hair regrowth solutions
Photo Credit: The Female Culture

New Outlet at Suntec City

IG friendly spots at Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions
Photo be: Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions
IG friendly spots at Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions
Photo be: Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

The latest Organic Regrowth Hair Solutions outlet at Suntec City is its prettiest one yet. It features three IG-friendly spots, allowing ladies to capture their fresh looks after each hair treatment and service experienced.

The 60-minute AHG treatment starts from S$249 and is customisable for each individual, depending on their scalp condition.

To check out your scalp health and give it a revitalising treat, we would recommend you to visit Organic Regrowth Hair Solutions’ latest outlet at Suntec City, or visit any of their outlets at The Star Vista, Paya Lebar Quarter, East Point Mall, Wheelock Place, Capitol Piazza, Orchard Central, Kovan Village or West Mall.

Disclaimer: The writer got a complimentary session for the AHG treatment but this review is not sponsored. Opinions expressed are solely the writer’s and do not necessarily express that of The Female Culture.

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📸 Featured Image: The Female Culture, Organic Hair Regrowth Solutions

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